Official Video 1/3 - New 40k Edition

Head over to YouTube to check out Games Workshop's latest video regarding the new edition of the Warhammer 40,000 franchise:

A quick summary based on what I've seen in the video. A lot of the following is based on my impression of the video and some general assumptions.

Battle Forged lists are going to use the FOC we know and love (with some changes in the way things are phrased and the way detachments are used - Not all that clear yet.). The troops from Battle Forged armies will get a special rule known as "objective secured" - They cannot be contested by models that do not have this special rule. It's worth mentioning though, that it is not yet entirely clear how a unit is given this Special Rule.

Unbound lists will allow people to ignore the FOC - However their troops will not be granted the special rule as stated above. Meaning they are far less competetive for objective based games and will likely be expected to try and wipe out the opponent's army by tabling them.

Also, it seems there's to be more added emphasis on Formations as more will be released. More to come within the coming weeks, the video also comfirmed the release date as mentioned in my previous post.

That was video 1 of 3 from GW. It's nice to see them informing their players about the upcoming stuff - In fact just yesterday I was talking about how they've specifically avoided doing so in the past!

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