7th Edition Approaching. More official videos.

With the new edition round the corner, many people are still trying to work out exactly how the new rules will apply to their beloved Warhammer 40,000 game. Will it wreck the game as we know it? Will the new version of this game be revitalised to a state in which we can find it even more enjoyable? How many Daemons are we going to have to buy...

Here are the other two of those 3 videos GW promised us.

There is little information in these that many of the online fan base hadn't already worked out by reading screen caps and listening to leaks, this only confirms things. The psychic stuff sounds really interesting, the ability to nullify your opponents spells appears to be a good thing. I can't really cast much judgement on that until I get hold of the new rule book and try to understand how it works. I'm surprised Daemonology wasn't expanded upon in this video in a push to sell more Daemon models.

The latest word on Daemonology: The two Daemonology pools are Malefic and Santic. Everyone using this two spell disciplines will suffer a perils on any double. Except Grey Knights and Daemons. Daemons cannot take Santic and do not suffer perils on doubles with Malefic spells. And Grey Knights equally cannot take Malefic and with Santic, they will not suffer perils on doubles. The Malefic spells can be seen in a previous post of mine, whilst the Santic ones are said to revolve around demon banishing, slaying, etc. Tyranids will have no access to these psyker trees but most other pyskers will.

We are very close to the release of this now, on the 24th of May I will be able to bring you more information on how this has effected the game. Until then all we can do is keep our eyes on the forums and blogs across the web.

I'll leave you with some more screenshots, grabs and scans that can be found around the web.

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